Friday, January 2, 2009

still sick....

Well fish!! (that replaces carp which replaces cr_p wich replaces a lot of much stronger words that I choose to not use) This dang bug just keeps hanging on and on and on. It's just not fair!! Deb you said I would be better in two days. NOT TRUE! :(

And because I was in such a fog Wednesday I want to let you know that I didn't hit the right buttons on this keyboard....Suzanne really can count. The FQ number should be 39 <<< seee that's a 9 not an 8. Sheesh!!

Hi there LindaH. Glad you stopped by. My machine is a Juki. It usually is on my New Joy Gold frame but occasionally I'll take it off and use it on the table. That's the baby quilt I've made for the hospital nursery project our guild donates each year. Each new baby born gets a quilt made by one of us in the guild. I think I'll drag my body back there today and try to get some of it quilted. That is if the energy level will hold.
Criminy!! It's no fun at all when both of us are sick at the same time.
Oh but wait....maybe it is. This way he really does know how bad I feel. Thank goodness for the freezer and pre-cooked meals.
I'm off to take more meds.


  1. Wow, love the baby quilt. It looks pretty good-sized. I hope you get better very quickly. I'm sorry you're sick, but know you wouldn't have missed for the world having all that lovely family there with you.

  2. Get well girl - 2009 is waiting! I agree with Donna you wouldn't have traded one day of you holiday time for missing this cold! The baby quilt is lovely!


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