Monday, January 5, 2009

New Day....New Year....

And by golly I do believe I'm going to get over this crud after all. I'm feeling a little better so I think I must be on the upswing. Both of us can't get over how hard this hit us.
I even started putting away the decorations yesterday. I didn't last long but at least I started. I'll finish today and then I can get back to my sewing room.

I've thought about making New year resolutions..... but...been there - done that.... so there's just no reason to think I would keep them this year either. And I already pretty much have my UFO's already on my list so no sense in changing that. It should be good for another year.
But I am going to commit to getting at least three of my UFO's quilted and bound this year.

This week my plan is to get both baby quilts quilted and bound so I can take them to guild meeting next week. I hope my energy holds.

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