Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunny Sunday....

The sun is shining and the temp is cool. At least cooler than it has been. Only about 80 degrees so far and it's wonderful. I'm sure it will get much warmer by the days end....but I'll enjoy simple pleasures as I find them.

I've been working on some needleturn...just for a change of pace. It had been quite awhile since I'd actually gotten out my blocks to work on them.

This is the one I just finished (number 15). These are blocks a dear friend designed with the help of EQ5 and posted a BOM on a forum we both used to belong to a few years ago. I've saved the patterns and have been slowly slowly plodding along. I am now on my last block and should have it finished this week and then I'll move on to the task of making a decision about the sashing. I really want this to be special and I don't think just a plain sashing will do it. I think I'll play in EQ6 for awhile and see if I can come up with the *just right* sashing.
Any ideas or suggestions you might have would be appreciated if you'd like to leave a comment.
Here's a link to my finished blocks in Webshots . The colors on a lot of them are NOT true. The pics were taken before I learned how to set my camera. :(

I've also been working on Gina's drunkards path. I've started setting the rows together. Just a sneak peek at them then I'll wait till it is complete before posting more. It may be awhile since I don't have the backing yet and will have to order it.
Another decision to be made!
Black or Gold back? Decisions Decisions!!

I'm off now to grab a bite for lunch so I can play with EQ without my tummy growling.

Have a Sunny Sunday .....

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