Monday, July 21, 2008

Criminy it's HOT!

My little Weather Bug temperature thingy at the bottom of my screen is glowing red again today. 100 degrees!!
Sheesh!! And the forecast looks to be more of the same in the next few days. Looks like I'll be staying inside for sure.

As I was standing at my kitchen sink today I looked out my window and saw.... A black swallowtail butterfly!! We have the big yellow tigers every year but this is the first black one I've seen in my yard. He was sitting on one of my hosta blooms right by the gate. So I grabbed my camera and quietly slipped out the door making sure it didn't slam shut and scare it away.
Whew! I did it.
Down the steps and tippy-toed to the fence and tried to slither through the open gate. (Now truthfully.... it's just a bit difficult to get this body of mine to slither) hahaha But I thought...what the heck.... worth a try.
Poof! There he went. Away.

Oh wait....he's coming back. (Me standing very still acting like I'm not even there). What do they say...."Don't look them in the eyes". I didn't!!
Oh wait....I think that's about dogs.

Well I couldn't fool him. Away he went up in the tree.
So I decided to walk through the garden and .....
OMGosh there is another one!

This time I was able to get closer and I sneakily smashed myself into the big bush. All the while I was trying so hard to get close enough for a picture and he was fluttering around and around.... and .... these little flying bugs were everywhere and I didn't really appreciate them getting tangled in my hair.
But you know I'd do anything for a good picture. :)

I finally settled on using my zoom.

I did get some not very good pictures from not very close.
Now look closely at the Butterfly. At his wing closest to you.
The poor thing only has half a wing. No wonder he was fluttering so much. Both of his eyespots are missing. I'd venture to guess a bird almost got the better of him.
I wish him luck.


  1. Well, Linda, I hate to admit it, but I hadn't been to your blog before, and it is wonderful! You are so talented!

    I love Gina's quilt. She will be thrilled with it.

    Donna (yep, your friend in Oregon City)

  2. Love the blog - love the butterfly story. Thanks for inviting me to your blog. Seeing you slither in my mind just made my night! I finally have posted on my blog so stop by!

  3. Hi Linda! I just wanted to tell you much I enjoy your photographs.


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