Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally finished....

Gina's quilt top is now finished and it is on hold till I get the backing. My Goodness that took me forever it seems. But I really have to admit that I didn't stay with it for hours and hours at a time.
I think it turned out nice and I have just enough dark fabric to cut the binding.
I was going to order some more of the dark to use for the backing. That's NOT happening!! Can't find any. I've been to just about every online shop and have also googled for luck.
So on to plan B. I'll take it with me to Holdrege next month when I go to my Dr. appointment and I'll stop in at Quilters Delight (my favorite LQS).
I'll be able to find something there that will be just the perfect backing. (I hope)

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  1. Beautiful quilt...good luck on finding the perfect backing!


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