Saturday, July 5, 2008

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th. Life here was pretty quiet since we had no plans or fireworks to shoot off. Well.... not really quiet - quiet.... it certainly was not that! In fact it was still booming in the neighborhood until at least midnight. There were displays being shot off at the ballpark and down the street and of course across the street. I didn't mind them tho.... until around 11:30. By then I was thinking seriously of bed and I'd had enough of the cracker noise. It wasn't too much longer tho till the people down the street shut down and all was good in the neighborhood again. :)

I did a bit more sewing on Gina's quilt yesterday.

144 three inch blocks joined to make 36 - six inch blocks. While I was pressing I found one block that I hadn't matched the center seams very well and for a bit I contemplated leaving it.
But.... when I saw the second one.... that was all it took. I had to re-do! I feel better now!

Now to start on the opposite color blocks. I'm really liking this fabric. I must say tho.... I'm sure glad I'm not making a King size quilt!! I find this very boring to have to sew this many little patches together. :(
I know!! I know!!!
I've said that before!!
And it's still true!!
But .... I'm going to get back today and plod along.
It won't get done if I don't do it!!
Here's a little pretty for your day. Enjoy!

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