Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jon & Kate plus 8.....

I can't believe I stayed up till midnight last night watching that TV show!!! (Especially after the night before I had such a terrible time getting to sleep).
My DD & DGD got me started on this show and now I'm hooked. Love it!! It is such a simple reality show about a young mom & dad with a set of twins and a set of sextuplets.
Count them .... they = EIGHT!!
The show describes them as "two 6 year olds and 6 two year olds".
OMGosh... I can't even imagine! The parents are saints!!
Anyway....last night I was remote hopping and ran across this show and there was a 2 hour block of shows starting at 10:00pm. I couldn't help myself.....
As a result tho....I feel a bit like a slug this morning.

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  1. John & Kate plus 8 is one of my favorite shows!!!

  2. Jon & Kate one of my favs too! I think because I am so eternally thankful that it isn't me!!


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