Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Colors, colors everywhere

Between my color theory class and Evelins quilt and my yard...the colors are just striking.

I've been working on the strip sets for Evelin's bargello so I thought I'd share just one set.
OMGosh aren't they just YUMMY?
And here's closeups of the fabrics.

One more set to go and then I can start cutting them into strips to begin putting the quarter sections together to let the design begin to grow. OOOO I'm lovin' this one.!!

Yesterday Don came in & yelled for me to "Come outside quick".
So I did!!
Without my camera Duh!!
Here is a side shot of the flutterby that he had seen. Another black swallowtail.
See....I'm not the only one who is impressed with it. He hadn't seen one either.
Like a good husband, Don went back in & grabbed my camera and while he was gone....the butterfly landed on a flower right smack dab in front of my and spread his wings and stayed there . Like he was posing just for me in all his glory. OMGosh he is beautiful!!
Well it was *just for me* because by the time Don got back outside.... away he fluttered and just wouldn't come close enough again to get a really good pic. This will have to do.
This one was also out there in the same area so I got a quick shot. This is a Common Wood Nymph.

It's pretty good sized. About 2-3 inches.


  1. Love your blog - I never know what I am going to see! Flowers, Butterfly, quilting, crayons! You got it goin on girl!

  2. I agree with Jacquie. Your blog is awesome! I obviously have tons of work to do before mine is even a twentieth as good. I love seeing all that you put in. It's just like talking to you, and I just don't have that knack.


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