Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to everyday life....

Ok I'm sad now. :(
Well .... I AM happy for the last couple of weeks and the great memories .... but.... sad that the time went by soooo fast and now it will be weeks until I see some of them again. I hate living so far apart!!! It will probably be Christmas before I can be with the babies again.
And gosh darnit....they grow so fast.
And they all live so far away.
It was wonderful having DD here for a whole week. We spent a lot of time just relaxing and being quiet. Which is what her trip was all about after all. Took her camping ... ate at her favorite restaurant ... drove around to check out the town and surrounding area just in case something had magically appeared (nope...everything is still the same). We took life pretty easy and just enjoyed each other.
For the weekend we then all drove to see the babies. (My Great-grands) Spent a couple of days with them and enjoyed every minute. They all went swimming in the motel pool while Grandpa & I sat on the side and watched and I took pictures (which didn't turn out very well because it was too dark in there and my camera wasn't set right) I really should learn to adjust that thing for better pictures inside a big room.
The trip was so much fun being with them but much to short!!
I'm now back home and am starting to get back in the swing of my quiet life. I have been doing some sewing on Gina's quilt. Slowly but surely! I told myself that I had to get farther along on this quilt before I start this next one.
( pattern and fabric for Evelin's quilt ). I've always wanted to make a bargello and when I saw this one on the wall of the LQS I knew it was the one. We probably spent about an hour just picking out the fabrics. They are perfect for Evelin!!

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