Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy snowy Monday!!  At least it is here.  I'm not sure how much snow we received with the storm that came through Saturday but it covered everything in a good white blanket and boy oh boy is it ever cold outside!  My little weather gadget says 16 degrees.  I'm staying inside and back in my sewing room where the iron is always on.   That's the only place I don't ache from the cold.

Since it's Monday and I'm working on Bonnie Hunters Orca Bay mystery   I'm going to link up to her site along with half the world.  OK .... maybe not that many.... but there's a 'whale' of a lot of us doing this mystery.  lol

This is how many half squares I have done.  Such a measly little pile of only 149 out of 350 needed.   On the first clue I used cuts of 7"x9" fabric to fit printed Triangulations.   That left me with smaller pieces of leftovers from most of the fat quarters so I cut those pieces into 2" strips and used the Easy Angle ruler to cut each individual pair.  I did ok with it (I guess).... but there were several a few that just didn't meet my expectations and I tossed them aside.
It seemed like it took me forever to get just a small few finished because I was going soooo slow trying not to mess up a cut or stretch that bias when I pressed.  And then they all had to be squared up by just a sliver.
The first 100 blocks were made with the ruler and THEN I got to go back to at least half pages of Triangulations.  LOVE THAT PROGRAM!!
I'm going to go sew today.
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  1. Hi! from me in New Zealand, nice to spot someone else doing browns for this step! I have finished this step too, just have to post, I had a few minutes before work to have a quick look how everyone is going.

  2. Love the brown and white, your HSTs are perfection.

  3. Love the warm browns you are using! I'm about half way through also.


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