Saturday, December 10, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery ..... Clue #4.
More stings!  (I love strings!!)
Bonnie's color = RED!
My color is.... almost's PINK!   (and it looks so good with my Lime strings)  The first batch that I have finished.
Aren't they so cute?

Which brings me to my pink strips.  I didn't have any.  Well at least that I could find easily.
But I did have some FQ and a few yardage cuts so I pulled as many as I could find and started cutting strips.
I started with 3/4" (which I'm starting to think is a bit too small for this size block) and then went larger by a quarter inch each strip.  I stopped at 1 & 1/2 inches and then cut one strip at 2" for the corners.  I don't have waste triangles laying around so I use these large strips for the final corner strip.

Now I have a confession to make.
I really really struggle with all out scrappy.  I'm working on it....but to think about throwing all my scraps in a pile and just randomly pulling whatever I touch just makes me break out in a cold sweat.  LOL  (jk)
But I am determined to "Go Scrappy" so I'm working on it gradually.  But until I get to that point of throwing everything together I just have to keep things under control ... just a little.

This is how I start .... I line up all my different strips so there's a nice selection and I can pull each one as I sew.

Then when all my papers are cut and counted I'll start sewing. >>>

I start with the first strip on the first paper and add the next fabric strip.
Then with the next paper I'll start with the last strip color that I ended with on the other square.
And I'll repeat this system..... adding the next fabric until I have each fabric started on it's own square.
Sometimes I fill one side at a time like I've done with this block.

And sometimes I alternate sides as I add the different strips. 
There!    That's scrappy don't you  think?

This allows all the blocks to be slightly different and yet it allows me to still be "In Control" as I need to be.

 I so appreciate Bonnie's style of making a quilt.  And since I've been using these scrappy strips in just one color family they have at least opened me to the possibility of not being so controlled with my fabric selections.
I'm learning.
And loving it!

So here are the results of 22 squares I have cut in half,  starched,  trimmed with the companion ruler and paper removed and ready to go.   I should have one more triangle ....but I goofed.  I had forgotten to spray starch the first one I had trimmed and  paper removed.  So in a senior moment I sprayed it and .....  Yep!  As soon as the hot iron touched it I knew it was a goner.  Shriveled up like shrink wrap!  So it's trash.  Oh well... I like making these so one more won't be a bother.

Now if you want to see what other quilters have been up to this week just head on over to Judy's Patchwork Times and check them out.  There's always such good eye candy there on a Monday.   
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  1. Love your pinks!!! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  2. Your pinks are gorgeous. I love Bonnie's style. I really let go and choose the most outrageous fabrics to sit beside each other. It all works in the big scheme of things. Don't sweat the small stuff! Just enjoy.

  3. The pink string blocks are so pretty and with the lime...yes it will all be beautiful when put together.

  4. I'm doing pink and green too.

    My mom also can't do scrappy. It offends her sense of symmetry and order.

  5. Your blocks are really pretty in the pink! I'm with you on liking a little control. I don't even cut strips so I'm really slow :-) That's ok, it's fun to be playing along on this project.

  6. I LOVE your pinks!! Very pretty!! I like how everyone is able to choose different colors KNOWING that they will work. ;))

  7. I'm using pink and green (and purple) for my Orca Bay quilt but mine are opposite of yours--green 5 1/2" squares and pink 3 1/2" squares. It'll be fun to see the difference in our quilts.

  8. Linda, it is so pretty! You are doing such a good job with all the colors you have worked with.

  9. Your pinks are beautiful! And don't worry, the more you do "Bonnie" quilts, the easier it becomes to do things scrappy.

  10. Linda , I love these pinks - they are so pretty and girly :)


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