Thursday, December 8, 2011

I have another finish.
Well two finishes actually.
1st finish.......
This is the #2 Christmas (tumbler) quilt.  The quilting was done with a snowflake edge to edge design by my local quilter. >>>>>
And I added the binding by machine (back to front).
I know I've said it before....but I'm going to say it again.
"I love the tumbler die".
The tumbler block is soooo easy to cut on my Go cutter AND they are so easy to sew together.
The hardest part of a tumbler quilt is finally settling on the most pleasing layout....which in my case, can be (and has been) a never ending shuffle.
....And a tumbler quilt looks the best with a wide array of fabrics (great stash busting).

And now for my 2nd finish.
Bonnie Hunters Orca Bay Mystery Clue #3 DONE!
  350 (2" half-square) blocks.
<<<They are all piled in the container with all the other blocks that are finished so far.

I started making the first 150 half-square blocks with 2" strips and the Easy Angle ruler.
Now I understand this method can be pretty accurate if all of the stars are lining up just right .... but (for me) several times I had to toss aside a block that just wouldn't work.   I would tell you what I was doing wrong.... if I knew.  But I don't.

Now let me make this very clear.  This is the method that many many quilters use and have super results with.
I'm not one of them!  I tried!  I really tried hard!!
And I did have some success.  But boy oh boy was it sloowww and tedious.
For me!

Once I finally finished using the leftover strips and the easy angle ruler I was able to go back to the Triangulations method and then I easily cranked out the rest of the 'perfect' blocks.
I've learned 2 things from Bonnie just by doing this mystery.

  1.   I can not be without the Triangulations program for making half and quarter squares.  No matter what size!
  2. I love string blocks.  I can definitely see more of them in my future.

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  1. I love your tumbler quilt. You make me really think of getting the little die to go with the big one.

  2. The tumbler quilt is gorgeous! You keep outdoing yourself!


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