Monday, December 26, 2011

Now that the packages have all been opened and there are no more "secrets" waiting to be unveiled I can show you the rest of the pillow cases I made for everyone.

This was soooo much fun to pick out the fabrics for each person.  The cases are so easy to construct and I was almost sad when I was finished with them.  Everyone was happy and very much surprised.  Altho there was a bit of a squabble between a couple of the women arguing about their case being the prettiest!!  hahaha  All in fun of course.  

And here are the 'Boys'....

 I hope your Christmas was as wonderful  as mine.  It was much too short and even though we were short on days together we were able to squeeze in a special celebration dinner for our 'Collage Graduate' before we celebrated Christmas Day.

Congratulations Jessi.  We're so proud of you!!  You will be a wonderful teacher.
Thanks for stopping by....Linda

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  1. I love your pillowcases, Linda. They are such a great gift, and take so little time to make. Congratulations to your Jessi. I know you are so proud of her.


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