Monday, December 19, 2011

So if today is Monday that means I can show what I've been working on this week and link to Judy's Design Wall Monday.  I made each of the greats a Christmas pillow case.   There are directions all over the web about how to make these but the one I used was from Missouri Quilt Co.

These are so easy to make and it was a lot of fun picking out the different fabrics for the kids.  I plan to use each case as wrapping for one of their presents.

I have no Orca Bay results to show today.  I had to put it on hold so I could get caught up on the Christmas chores.
You know ... like the tree and decorations up.  Criminy!   That part of Christmas gets harder each year it seems.    So these last few days have seen an improvement concerning the house decorations (at least what I'm going to do this year)
Now I'm thinking today I can get back to my sewing room for sure.  I want to get at least a few of Clue #5 done so I can at least pretend to be keeping up.  lol

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  1. Nice reusable gift bags! How cute--sure to please the little ones.

  2. The pillow cases are so cute, Linda! They will make great "wrapping" for gifts. When I make a quilt for a gift, I usually try to give it in a matching pillow case.

    I decorated for Christmas, but didn't put out nearly as much stuff as I have in previous years.

  3. I like your "pretend to be keeping up." I am sooooo far behind I can't even "pretend" - ;)) And I cheat - my Christmas tree is up year-round - so decorating for Christmas is a snap - all we have to do is turn ON the tree lights!! ;)) Merry Christmas, Linda!!


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