Monday, November 28, 2011

Good Monday morning!!  So far this morning I've been doing my part to help the economy!  A very hard decision has been made and my online orders have been placed and I can now relax about Christmas.   Well at least the gift giving part.  Whew!!!  Now to get the house decorated.  We'll do that in bits and spurts.

Now for Judy' Design Wall Monday --- Bonnies Orca Bay update:   My lime green strings (in place of Bonnies blue) are almost half finished.  These are soooo cute!   Only 3.5" square!  That's small by anyone's standards.   lol  well maybe not for Bonnie.   I must admit they are a lot of fun to make and I'm enjoying this mystery so much.
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  1. Lucious limes! Such refreshing colours. One to watch.

  2. I have too many ufo's going to commit to Bonnie's mystery, but I am enjoying watching you all that are posting...I LOVE THE GREEN!

  3. Love the lime favorite blocks that I have seen so far!

  4. Oh, your cute string blocks make me want to jump into Bonnie's mystery! I'm still working on finishing last years Roll,Roll,Cotton Boll mystery so I am not allowing myself to start anything new. Can't wait to see how yours progresses :)

  5. Your green quilt is beautiful. Oh, the possibilities in all sorts of colors. Great!

  6. Love love love your strings!! They look fabulous!

  7. Your greens are so bright and happy. They can't help but make a happy quilt. The small size is making regular sized blocks seem gigantic to me these days.

  8. I'm loving greens more and more, and I really love the lime. That would probably go nicely with my colors. Hmmm.


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