Thursday, November 24, 2011

This afternoon I made the binding for this snuggle quilt that I'd made a few months back.  (Sorry about the poor picture quality but I was running out of light)

I had already decided to attach the binding by machine like I did my last quilt....and then I got lucky!
I read Crazy Mom Quilts blog a couple of days ago.  She has a post about attaching the binding by machine and she's changed it up a bit.  It was like a bell went off when I read her instructions and it just made so much more sense to me.  She said to sew the binding on the back and wrap around to the front and sew by machine.    Of Course!!

Now this is where I changed it just a little bit more.  Amandajean uses a 1/4" seam allowance when sewing the binding on the back and the front.
 I use my walking foot and set the right-hand edge along the edge of the quilt & binding.  That seam measures about 3/8".

 Also when I turn the binding to the front (like I'm doing in these two pictures) I'll use the outside edge of the walking foot and run along the outside edge of the folded binding.
Another 3/8" seam.

And I take it slow and only sew a couple of inches at a time as I hold the binding in place.
I can see the back seam easily as I fold over the binding so I can make sure it is covering that seam.  I love this method!

I've cut my binding 2.5"  and did everything else just like Amandajean did in her instructions.   But the larger seam allowance seems to put the final top seam right along the edge of the back seam and almost looks like it's been stitched in the ditch.  And an added bonus is this also makes the binding the same size front and back.

I will definitely be binding all my everyday quilts with this method for sure.  Especially now that they can finish out this nice.
Thanks bunches Amandajean!!

All of my 224 blocks lined up and lookin' pretty!
I'm ready for tomorrow's Orca Bay clue #2.
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  1. Orca Bay - 224 DONE!! YAY!! I'm still working on mine - I'm really sslloooooooowwwwww!!

    Sewing the binding "back to front" is one of my favorite methods. I did a post on it a couple of months back - check it out. I like to use a decorative stitch to spice it up a bit. ;))

  2. Nice finish! I kinda like doing the handstitching of the binding to the back buy I may just have to try this out when I need a really quick finish.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the binding, I also like to stitch mine on by machine sometimes.
    I was looking forward to starting on Orca Bay this week, but due to a silly hand injury I've got to just look at everyone else's :-(


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