Monday, November 7, 2011

Last week went by so fast and here it is .... Design Wall Monday again.
This is what I've been working on this week.  The very last of my Christmas fabric (Wrap It Up from Connecting Threads) in the #3 Christmas snuggle quilt.  I'll have a few bits and pieces left over to go into the scrap drawers but almost all of this fabric line has been used up.  Yeah for me!!

In my last post I told you where my design idea came from.  Once I finished cutting and setting the basic blocks together and cutting off the wast half squares.... I decided I could probably combine both blocks into one snuggle quilt instead of making two table toppers  like I thought I was originally going to make.

Somehow.... in the process of making the blocks....I goofedPhotobucketand added the corner fabric on the wrong side of some of the strip blocks.
I don't know!  Don't ask how!  Because I sure didn't know I was doing it at the time and only when I started putting them on the wall did I figure it out.  So the joining 'stars' aren't the same on all blocks but I think I can still make this work without really drawing attention to my goof..  There will be many more Pinwheels that will be added.  I do think the design in my head is starting to come together.

Happy Monday everyone.  And if you haven't already been there....head on over to Judy's Patchwork Times to check out what other quilters have been working on.
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  1. Operator error can be really annoying, but I think your "save" will be just lovely.

  2. If you aren't happy and you aren't past NO RETURN make yourself happy and fix it! (wink) You'll not regret your decision. Ask me how I know.... Sandi

  3. Oh Linda -- I love these blocks!! They are really sweet and definitely Christmas-sy -- so my favorite!! I think if you're good with the fix, go with it. Most folks don't see mistakes unless they're pointed out, and then they wonder what the big goof really was! It'll be beautiful! :)

  4. What's up on the wall looks great. I'm a great believer in the galloping horse rule. If you won't notice the error when riding by on a horse, it's OK not to fix it (unless it will bug you every time you look at it!).

  5. Look great and it feels great to get some of those fabrics used up. Really cute blocks and fabrics. I am still working on fall fabrics!

  6. Lovely blocks. I think they will all combine perfectly to make a nice snuggle quilt. Sometimes mistakes are just design decisions waiting to happen.


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