Monday, November 21, 2011

 Here's a peek at what I've been working on since Friday.  I've joined Bonnie Hunters Orca Bay Mystery and these little beauties are step #1.  Perfect quarter-square blocks.
Now I don't usually make perfect half or quarter square anything.  Let alone this many anythings.  My half squares (or 1/4 squares) are usually at least a little bit wonky or not quite the right size and I do a lot of trimming or stretching and finally give up and just try to "quilt it out".
Now, however, I have the perfect program to make any size "half square" come out perfect.  Brenda Henning Triangulations CD.
OMGosh I can't believe how easy and nice these blocks are.  2.5"  Aren't they nice?  Yes!  I think so too.
I've made a few more since this picture but I still have a lot more to do yet.  The clue says we need to make 224!

This is what I printed out on sheets of newsprint.  Then layered two pieces of fabrics with this sheet on top and sewed on the dotted line and cut on the solid and this is what they look like. >>>>>>>

  Then I trimmed the dog-ears and removed the paper before sewing the two halves together and TADA....perfect!! 

Even the backs look good.
I'm going to link this post over on Bonnies blog so you can see what some of the other people are doing with their color schemes if you're interested.

AND...If it's Monday then Judy's Design Wall is up and I have a finished top to show.  This is the last of the Christmas fabric and I'm pleased with the final product.  Even tho it has some glitches and goofs it will still be a nice addition to my (now 3) Christmas snuggle quilts and I'm pleased that I have used up all this fabric line.  Once I get it quilted I'll show off the back.  For the first time I pieced it using all the leftover blocks and small pieces of yardage.  I'll have just enough waste from the back to use for the binding.  Here is the finished top...

You all have a great day.
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  1. They sure do look good. Congratulations on finding something that works so well for you. I've used Thangles before and don't care for them but we each work differently and need to find what works for us. Can't wait to see your quilt.

  2. Your quarter-square triangle look so nice. I finally just ordered Triangulations and should get it this week. No more wonky triangles I hope.

  3. Wow! Love your idea to use the triangulations paper. I would love to join Bonnie's mystery but just can't fit it in...I'm so glad to get your tip...keep them coming. Congrats on the Christmas quilt finish.

  4. Your QSTs do look marvelous! It's always satisfying when a plan works out well, isn't it :) Beautiful Christmas quilt. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  5. It all look so pretty and organized. How fun.

  6. wow- very good! I'm jealous of the Christmas work all done already!!!

  7. I'm looking at some of the links posted on Bonnie's page and it's fun to see what others are doing and how they are progressing. You've done a great job so far and to have them perfect is more than I could dream of!!! :)

  8. Beautiful job on those QSTs! I haven't made it past printing the instructions. lol LOVE your snuggly Christmas quilt, too!

  9. They look so perfect. One of these days maybe I'll try that method.

  10. I have this program but haven't loaded it on the computer or in fact given it a thought. I met try it for these hour glass blocks. I haven't started the mystery yet but plan to early next month. Thanks!

  11. Those qsts do look perfect and your Christmas quilt looks great!


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