Monday, October 31, 2011

So OK this isn't my Design Wall but it's as close as I can get right now.  These are the scraps that are left of the Christmas fabrics I've been using to make these last two snuggle quilts.  I'll also add some of the yardage cuts to be able to get at least two nice sized table toppers out of these fabrics.  By the time I get the backings pieced I should pretty much have no fabric left in this Christmas line.  

I saw this Serendipity tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Co.YouTube and decided this pattern would be perfect for the strips I have left.  

My Christmas Tumbler quilt top is now finished.  It finished about 57" x 76".  A nice sized snuggle quilt.  Now to get it quilted for Christmas.

Have a happy & fun Halloween and stop on over to Design Wall Monday to see what other quilters have been doing.
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  1. I saw that video too! The quilt is on my To Do list. I even have the jelly rolls. I really like you Tumbler quilt. It looks very cuddly.

  2. When I saw how you are trying to use up your Christmas fabric, it looked like how I have been trying to use up my 30s repro fabric. I have 4 quilts done (only bought for the first one) and there is sill a box of scraps left. After Christmas I am going to get all of them into one charity quilt and be done with them. I am only using stash Christmas fabrics for gifts this year in order to pare down that stash, too.


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