Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've started another Christmas quilt and decided to use my 2 tumbling block dies with my Go cutter.  I have the 3.5" and the 6.5" and they are so quick and easy to cut and sew together.

<<< These are the small tumblers in all the different holiday fabrics I'm using so this quilt will clean out a lot of my Christmas stash.  
I'll still have some strips left after this one is finished so I think a nice table topper should take care of them.  I'm needing wanting new holiday fabrics badly but....I made a deal with myself about using what I have first.
(I really don't know what came over me!!)

This is how far along I am today.  The border blocks still need to be sewn together but I was in a hurry to get them up on the wall to see how they would look.  Yep I like them.
Now I can cut more small ones and get these borders done.  
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  1. I have always wanted to do a tumbler quilt. I love the simplicity.


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