Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Monday Morning!!
It is another fantastic day!
The sun is shining.
The sky is baby blue and the trees are quiet. Robins are searching the grass and the sprinklers are running. We did get a small shower last night but not enough to really do the grass enough good. So Don is just stubborn enough to water anyway. heehee
I have my front door open to let in the outside and the temp is cool.
I slept well last night and woke up fairly early so I'm ready to start my new week.

Before I do though, I think I'll show the baby quilt top I did get finished before I left a couple of weeks ago.
Yeah it tuned out cute I think.

I have decided I need to get back to my Fly Lady routines. I've let them slip these last couple of years and even though my house is still kinda under control....and I really do try to keep my Hot Spots put out ..... I do feel it slipping away.
So this morning I'm planning to pull out my lists and restart.
Ummmm I'll let you know how that goes. heehee
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  1. Love the baby quilt. The B/W check really sets it off. I forgot about FlyLady I may have to do that again as well. I certainly need to fly through the housework when I retire so I have lots of time for the fun part of retirement.

  2. The baby quilt came out wonderful. I never did the Fly Lady thing. I let the clutter go until I've had enough and then do a good cleaning and let it go for a couple of weeks again LOL.


  3. Cute baby quilt! I had no idea what the Fly Lady thing was, so I had to check it out. I definitely need to get a handle on things around here.

  4. Hi Linda. I visited your blog. Good job on all your projects. I'm from Colby, where are you? Have a great week!


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