Saturday, June 6, 2009

TAGGED ..... Delete it!!

Yep! I got one too.
I usually DO NOT open any email that I don't know the sender.
But this one came through my G-mail account. And I only use that account for my quilting blogs. And I did -- kinda -- recognize the name of the sender.
Sooooo I fell for it and opened the email.
Then when I saw that page open that told me to click Yes or No to view the pictures .... my quiet voice screamed at me!!
I know better!!!
I know, I know! I should have listened to my 'voice' that told me to be careful before I opened that dang thing.
I clicked out of that page fast!!
I ran a virus scan and hoped for the best.
This morning, after reading Crispy's blog and then Michale's I went to Snopes to check it out further.
So just in case I didn't back out quick enough.... If you get an email from me *Tagging* you.... Delete it!!

Now .... that the housekeeping is done .... Let me show you all the bags I got sewn yesterday. It feels good to have that fabric off the shelves and put to good use.

Then I started refolding some of the black and white fabrics to make better use of the shelf space. Because I've got an order coming and I need room for all the new B/Ws.

Hummmm In the process I found a couple of yards of something that I don't even remember buying!!
Surely I didn't!!
Maybe I'll save it for strip piecing.
I have more folding to do but now I'm afraid of what else I may find. heehee

The clematis is really setting on the blooms and just starting to open up.
I love this one. It is so hardy.
Of course it has to be to live in my yard.
DH works so hard to train the tendrils to spread out and along the fence and this year he did a mighty fine job.
Aren't they pretty?


  1. ROFL, you crack me up....making it sound like you are "working" so hard to straighten your fabric. WE all know that you are enjoying every minute of it.


  2. I cannot believe that you have all those bags done I can't even get one started. Maybe tomorrow! I can't wait to get one done for my Aldi trips!

  3. Great bags, Linda. I also can't believe you got so many done! The clematis is beautiful! Ours didn't do anything this year.


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