Sunday, June 28, 2009

More of my sewing accomplishments for this last week..... 3 pajama pants for Jess.
She hates Hates HATES fleece or flannel pants. She says it makes her teeth hurt if she puts them on and they stick to her legs. The only fabric she does like is pure plain and simple cotton.
Well .... any more cotton is not that easy to find in pajama pants.....
So I bought a pattern from Sew Thankful and she picked out some fabric and I stitched them up.
Super easy.
Super fast!
And the best part.... Jess loves them. All three of them.
Of course her very favorite is the orange one. Of course!

They are all on their way back home this morning.
All is quiet here in the house once again. ;(

The sky is clear blue and the wind is calm.
The temp is a mild 63 degrees right now.
Sounds like a good day to take my blackwork and a cuppa out to the patio and enjoy the birds this morning.
Have a GREAT day!!

I wanted to edit this post and add a link to a great blog give-away. Jackie (not Jacquie heehee) is having a birthday and giving away several things. I decided to let you know if you're interested.

Also.... A little update on my morning. I didn't make it to the patio after all. Don & I worked on the ice maker in the frig. It had frozen up and stopped working and I can't go very long without my ice. So the handy-man himself got out the trusted hair blower and melted the ice so I could clean it all out of the tray. Turned it back on and .... TADA.... We have ice again!


  1. The pj pants look great! So both Deb and Jess got some cool gifts when they visited you.

  2. I am not crazy about fleece pants, but at least they don't make my teeth hurt, lol! Love the pants and the bags you made the stuff!

  3. Orange is a wonderful color LOL. She looks VERY happy with them. You would hate my house, I almost never have ice on hand. We don't care if our pop gets warm :o)


  4. I am glad you had a good time with the girls. I am glad Jess's teeth are no longer in jeopardy! The PJ bootoms are cute. Love the green bags as well. I still have to make a couple of more. Have a good week.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pants...i am wearing them right now..
    I wish it was acceptable to wear them all the time...and even when u wrote fleece on here my teeth started to hurt haha.
    ohh & mom is still reading my sisters keeper...shes been reading all day...she will be finished in about 30 min or so..(its 9:30 and she started reading at 7 this morning) thats determination.


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