Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here's what I've been cutting today.
I pulled some of my really ugly fabric and decided to get it ready to make some more of the 'green' bags.
I looked at a lot of sites with all kids of patterns for bags and I settled on this one because they are really sturdy bags and the handle isn't separate. So it can't pull loose.
Plus... they do use up a lot of that fabric that I'm more than glad to get off my shelves.
Each bag takes 2 pieces of lining and 2 pieces for the outside fabric. So I have 4 bags ready to sew up.

I did enlarge the pattern like I said I wanted to do. I added about 2.5" to the length of the handles and 2.5" to the width of the bag.

This is much better.

So tomorrow I'll cut the rest of the fabric I have pulled and sew some more bags.
Sometimes it's fun to just do mindless stuff.

I still haven't sewn all my rows together for that homespun that I've started. It's still waiting patiently for me to get back to it. :)

And I do need to get started on Scott's t-shirt quilt. I'll stop at Quilters Delight when we go to the Dr on Monday and pick up some different fabric. I thought I had what I wanted but .... you just never know. I'd better check.

I've been having fun with my Macro camera setting ....
so I'll leave you with this little beauty....

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  1. I need one of these. I usually don't follow tutorials too well but I may try this one. I love the idea, and I certainly have some "what was I thinking" fabric!

  2. Did you post a link to that tutorial? I didn't find that idea!

  3. Here you go. I added the link and colored it red.

  4. A little mindless sewing is ok, my problem is I do most things mindlessly...sewing, cooking, working, walking....LOL.

    Hey your fabrics for your bags aren't THAT ugly, I think I have some of that blue too...we must have the same taste :0)


  5. The bags are great, Linda. Love the beautiful flower!


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