Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Homespun top ....

I finally finished sewing the rows together the other day and I've also added the borders.
I used every bit of homespun I have except one piece (about 1.5 yard).
But that will just have to go back on my shelf because it's a bright red, white and blue and I just couldn't bring myself to add it to this quilt.
In fact I was short about 6" on the last border. So I grabbed a small piece of the last of the grey and used it to finish the corner. I think you can barely see in the bottom right corner.
Just makes it unique.
All in all...I'm really pleased with the way this turned out. It's about 80"x90".
But oh my goodness the loose strings just about drove me to drink.
I'll probably fold it up for now and wait until I get the next two family quilts finished before I put it on the frame to quilt.

A couple of days ago I took my camera out and got pics of my roses. They were just beautiful. Before the heat cooks them or the wind shreds them.
So I thought I'd share.

Is this a GREAT DAY or what?
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  1. nice looking quilt - and I bet you are glad to have it finished. I'm always pleased when I finished something

  2. Wonderful quilt Linda!! The thought of all those strings you get with homespun just makes me shudder...thus none in my stash LOL. Kudos on using up all of yours.


  3. I LOVE the picture of the roses!!!!!!!!!!!
    That quilt looks like it was a lot of work:) Good job.

  4. hey grandma!!! can't wait to see you!!!:)

  5. The quilt is lovely, and wow, those roses!


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