Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I think someone's messin' with my clocks.
I'm telling you....they are running way to fast lately.
Here it is about time for dinner on this Wednesday and I could swear I was just getting out of bed a few minutes ago.
(....NO I didn't sleep late!) haha
Ok maybe it wasn't minutes ago!
But it sure seems like it.

This morning I got out this months Pizza Box and started trying to figure out Danielle's block. I had never seen (or heard of) this technique.
The pattern is called The "Foldy" Stuff pleated Round Cabin.
It's a Log Cabin with wide & narrow strips that are sewn to a printed muslin foundation and then the strips are folded to extend beyond the seam line to match a grid line. It's really cool!
It took me awhile to figure it out but once I did it was really easy.
The finished block is so unusual.
And soooo cute. She also has pink and yellow fabric and we can use any combination of the four colors. Her little girl will love this when she gets it finished.
I've sure enjoyed making the block.

I guess I did get quite a bit of running around done today. This afternoon I had a hair appt to get a new perm and cut. I tried a new gal today and she did a fantastic job! Very nice curl. No tight fuzz! I will definitely go back to her again.
Want to see.....
And the cut is perfect. It's not exactly what I thought I'd be getting (like the gal I had seen)....but for me I'm tickled with this cut. I told Amy to do what she thought would look nice on me. She asked a lot of questions and really tried to do what I wanted. And *not do* what I don't like. That's refreshing to have someone listen.

Then I ran to Ace and bought some paint.
I'm going to have Gina and Alivia come over and take down the old wallpaper in my bedroom and bathroom and prime & paint both rooms. And then of course I'll have to find a new shower curtain to match the paint I picked out. Sure glad I didn't spend much on the last one.

After they're done...... Maybe the kitchen will be next.
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  1. Linda! Have I started a wallpaper stripping craze??? Your hair looks great!

  2. Oooh, like your hair. A new do is such fun - wish I had more hair to do something with!! :-) No wallpaper for me, thank goodness!

  3. Your new perm is wonderful, that was the type of curl I liked back when I got perms. I decided to go with straight the last few years. That block is really cute, it's not sewn completely side is open, right?


  4. Pretty Curls Grandma :D...& with the new glasses and all....u'll be trouble...boyyyysss watch out!!! haha.


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