Thursday, July 9, 2009

And so our re-do begins!
For several years now I have been wanting to change the decor in three of the rooms but..... knew I was not physically able to do it anymore! I used to change things up a lot in my younger days. Either by moving the furniture all around or changing the paint colors of the rooms or adding wallpaper here & there etc.
Well.... it's been years since I've done any re-do's.
So.....Yesterday the girls came over and started tearing off the old wallpaper in the bath and bedroom. They primed and painted both rooms before calling it quits around 7:00pm. Quite the little speed demons those three!
They are doing such a good job. And doing it the right way!! Which is not the way I usually did things. I hated the prep-work (like priming and wallpaper preparation) so when I did anything I usually skipped most of that and would just get right to the good stuff.... the final stage. But not these gals. Gina is making them do every step and do it right.
It shows!!

A little touch up left in the bathroom to do today and then I can start putting everything back in there and get the stuff back up on the wall.
The girls will work in the bedroom today to finish painting the walls and then start on the trim work.
The real hard room will be the kitchen!!! Boy does it have issues!!
So now I better get myself moving.... The girls will be here soon.

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  1. How fun Linda. I really want to do that too, to the whole house. Someday it will happen :0)


  2. Sounds wonderful Linda! We definitely want pictures!!

  3. Sounds like they are doing a great job! I really hate all the prep and clean up. You'll have to post pics!


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