Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good morning!! Here's a quick update on my kitchen makeover.
Let me tell you about my kitchen and why it HAS to be fixed.
We built our house in 1970 and at that time the big "IN" thing was to put wood paneling (or something trying to resemble wood) in the houses.
So, of course, I definitely wanted my new home to be up-to-date so I chose ...... paneling.
Simple paint was just too boring and wallpaper hadn't really come into vogue quite yet.
I put it in our family room.... in the Dining room and hall.... AND..... (wait for it)..... in the kitchen!!
Yep! You read right! "In The Kitchen".
White paneling no less!
Oh it was so 'in' and so cool!

Well that didn't take long to get very tired of. So I papered the walls. But first I had to fill in the grooves with spackle so they wouldn't show through the paper. Remember, back then it wasn't cool to just leave the grooves and paint over it like it is today.
I liked that paper for many, many years. But all good things must come to an end and the paper finally had to go.
After all.... how hard could it be to change it out?

Now keep in mind that this re-do is just supposed to be a simple thing. Nothing fancy or difficult. And certainly nothing that would require a professional crew to come in and rip out walls etc. (I wish)
Soooooo... after pulling off the paper I realized that the paneling needed a fix to get rid of the look of the spackled grooves that stuck out like a sore thumb.
So..... I headed to our hardware store and started asking a lot of questions. After much consideration.... I settled on the best treatment I thought.
I certainly didn't want more paper put up like one gal suggested.
I bought a bucket of wall techture stuff that we were supposed to be able to just apply with a special roller.
Sounds simple. Right?

Three hours later Gina wound up looking like this....
But the girls did a great job and this has given me the look I was after. It worked!!

Today the paint goes on.

Oh BTW..... here's another peek at Trents quilt-in-progress.

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  1. Sorry it's so much work for the girls but worth it in the long run:)

    Trents quilt piece looks fun!

  2. I can't wait to see it Linda. Your commentary has certainly sparked my interest!

  3. I can't wait either! Does the texture look the same on the walls as it does on Gina? I sure hope you're paying those two well, lol!


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