Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Monday Morning!
Today we get to have lunch with Donna & Dick at Kearney and I can't wait.
And of course, we must visit the LQS while we're there!
I also plan to stop at Hobby Lobby and check out their fabrics. I sure hope I can find the fabric I want so I can make the curtains and re-cover the kitchen chairs.
But if I can't I will surely find the "just right" fabric at Quilter's Delight in Holdrege tomorrow when we go for Don's Dr appt. tomorrow. Geez!! It seems that's all we get done any more! Doctors or Dentist!!

I did get back to my sewing yesterday for a bit. Still putting sashing around the blocks on Trent's quilt. Just a couple more rows and I'll be ready to set the borders on.

And I've finished this months Guild Pizza Box (for Kayrl) Her Log Cabin type pattern has some traditional blocks and some of these heart blocks (sewn log cabin style).
It's a cute pattern and easy to put together.
It's so fun to see what each person has chosen and to see the colors they pick.

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  1. Good luck in finding the fabric you want for the chairs and curtains. I love those pizza box type BOM's, it is fun to play with other people's fabrics.


  2. wow your can make ur own curtains..thats super cool:)


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