Friday, May 18, 2012

Once I decided I wanted to take part in Carol Doaks paper piecing I knew right away that I wanted to use the rest of these golds and black fabrics that I had leftover from the table runner I made a few weeks ago.  Her directions are for a two color quilt but I'm going to scrappy it up with these.
I'm definitely going to use all the blacks but since I plan to use the golds as all backgrounds those lightest ones may be too white.  I'll see as I go along.

I did the first block today and love the way it come out.  I just can't find anything wrong with paper-piecing.  Everything is just always so perfect.

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  1. Great fabrics, Linda, and lovely first block.

  2. Your first block looks great! I loved the colors you used in your table runner - and this is a terrific way to use the leftovers. Dumb question though - if this is the first block - which one is the one you showed last time? ;)) Do you get to make that one, too? ;))

    1. hahaha Well now that's a VERY good question! That red block I posted was her block that she used just to promote her BOM. And I don't know if she has that block as a pattern. I haven't perused her site that well yet. I do know she has a lot of nice free blocks listed.


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