Saturday, May 12, 2012

A few weeks ago I showed you a pic of some of the leftover Drunkard Path blocks.  I finally got around to sewing up the table runner and I used 4" piano keys for the border.   But goodness I guess I should have paid more attention to getting it on the design wall straighter.  It really is better than it shows.  haha  Oh Well!  This top is done and now to be quilted.  When that will get done could be anyone's guess!!

This must be one of those exceptionally good year for roses.  Hubby & I went for a drive last evening and all the rose bushes we saw are just loaded with blossoms.   I have a couple bushes in my back yard and they both look amazing this year.  Here are a few pics.  
This rose is called Fourth Of July and it's a great bloomer.  After this first flush of blooms it will continue to set flowers all summer long.  Just not quite as many.

  Here is a close up.  

 A view through one of the pergolas in the back showing off my Jackmanii Clematis.  It's always such a beauty!!

And oops!  I thought I was getting a bit more rose in this picture than I did.  See down there in the bottom right corner?

That is a Joseph's Coat rose.

I've had this rose for many years and it is finally looking good this year.

It sets on the most amazing blossoms that will be a dark pink before it opens. 
 Then as it starts to open it turns this color.
    and then turns this color.
 and finally ends up looking like this.

Yes it is truely a Joseph's Coat (of many colors).  
Hope you have a beautiful Spring weekend.
Stop and smell the Roses!
Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. Beautiful flowers. I've seen so many of the gorgeous peach colored roses around town this year. Maybe they were also the Joseph's Coat variety. Sure are nice. Love the runner too. Happy Mother's Day.

  2. What a great idea for leftover blocks. And it looks great, too. ;-)

  3. Love the beautiful flowers, Linda! Your table runner is very pretty also!


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