Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm undecided!  
     Too many patterns out there to choose from.  
          Too many Want-to-Do's on my list.  
And I'm having a hard time narrowing all those choices down to just one to start right now. 
I know!  I know!!  I could start quilting some of the small tops I have until I made a decision.  
But I don't waaannaaa!!  
I'd rather piece something new.

Sooooo I'm going to just do a little mindless string piecing for a bit. 

These are some of the scraps that are left after I've made all the "A Terra's" and I'm going to sew as many of these 5½" blocks as I can.  

Maybe I'll come up with something to do with them when I get them finished.  
Or better yet.....Maybe I'll be able to make a decision on the next bed quilt I want to make.  

So for today I'm going to head over to Judy's Design Wall Monday and check out what others are making.  
See you there....
Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. I love your string blocks - I have several string 'bricks' that I've made and I'm still waiting on inspiration on what to do with them. Until I come up with something, they sit, waiting for me to make a few more when I don't feel like working on something else......

  2. I love this. Did you design the pattern yourself? Fabrics are perfect.

  3. Better to have the strings sewn than just hanging around in a bag like I have. I just can't let myself start something new until I have a finish! What the heck is wrong with me!

  4. Your string blocks are GREAT! And I wanna know WHO says you have to "narrow all those choices to just one to start right now"? WHO says you can't start more than one? And WHO says you have to finish something else before you can start something new. WHO?? The Quilt Police?? Phooey on them - I say start what you want - when you want - and have FUN - isn't that why we do this in the first place? ;))

  5. Very cute and I am sure something exciting will come to you for the next project as you work on this one. I love string quilts. Your fabrics are such pretty colors.

  6. I get into that place sometimes too...what to sew next!?!?! String piecing is perfect until you decide!

  7. great string blocks. I like the wonkiness of the strings but the controlled palette. would you like to post this over at our group string blog, send me an email and I can set you up.


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