Thursday, February 9, 2012

When I first decided I wanted to make another tumbler quilt I had <<<<<this layout in mind.

But then I started putting them up on the design wall in the order I was cutting them out and thought about doing this stripe layout.>>>>>

After I had all the tumblers cut and the first layout all complete I decided I'd see how I liked the stirred up version that I had originally planned.
And of course I liked it best after all.  Somehow it just seems to look the best in my mind.....So I changed my mind about the layout and went with this one.  I'm now in the process of sewing it together and cutting and sewing the border.

I do that so much.  I'll start with a plan.... then twist it around .... and sometimes it's better and sometimes it's not.  
Goodness!!  That layout started to cross my eyes trying to not allow any two blocks of the same color to touch.  I didn't worry about pattern as much as I did about color.  And if any of you see any that are touching (and I haven't) please let me know.
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  1. I like BOTH layouts - and don't see any tumblers of the same color touching. If there are any - I don't see them. Question - How are you doing your borders? I read/heard somewhere that you could simply cut a tumbler in half and put one half on one side and the other half on the other side - never tried it - but sounded good - is that how you do it? Or do you just trim/straighten the edge? Just curious.

  2. Yes that is exactly how I edge my tumblers. In fact I've done a post about it here ( ) I don't think I saw it anywhere else when I decided to do it to the first tumbler I made so I figured maybe it would help someone else if I posted about it. It works perfectly and I can then add whatever border I want.

  3. HHAHAHAHA - THAT's where I saw it!! How funny!! Of course that's the way you do it!! ;))

  4. Well, I really liked the ripple layout but in the end you need to make the quilt you like. And the one you chose looks really good, too.

  5. I love both layouts too, Linda, but the scrambled one is especially beautiful in my opinion.


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