Monday, February 27, 2012

Good Monday morning!!  Here it is again .... one more week has come and gone.  I have another quilt started using more of the Aqua Terra fabrics from Connecting Threads.
While I was sewing the first one together I was also thinking about what I wanted to make for this second quilt.  I like the idea of Judy's  Peaches & Dreams. 
But I didn't want to have to re-cut all the strips that I already had cut at 2.5"

So then I remembered I had seen a Missouri Star Quilt video called 

Sooooo that's when I decided I'd make a Keyhole quilt with my strips.
I have 15 different fabrics and enough strips to make 45 blocks.  That should make a nice size once I have a border or two added!

Each strip will yield enough pieces for one block
After all of the strips have been cut and arranged I sorted them according to...dark frame-light centers OR light frame-dark center.

<<<< Here's an example.

Then I started sewing the blocks together until I had all 45 finished.

Now comes my design wall ponderings.
This is #1
I don't think I like this one.  Too boring.
Too many seams to match up.

This is better...but then I'd have to cut some of the blocks in half and move them up to the top.  Not sure about this one.  

 This is Good!  I like the assorted arrangement.  
This is the one I finally chose in the end.  
It looks best on my wall up close and personal.

So stay tuned and check back to see what I do with the borders on this one.  And head on over to Judy's Design Wall Monday and check out some of the fantastic quilts being made.
Have a great day.
 Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. All three layouts look great, but I think the last one is best. You did good!

  2. I agree - I like the last layout best. Great job!

  3. I like #1 but you are right, too many seams to match up. I like #2 but you can't just cut the blocks in half and have them'd be missing seam allowance, wouldn't you? So that makes me like #3 the most. Which ever you pick, this is going to be a great quilt.

  4. LOVE #3!! And THANK YOU for showing me HOW you do it. I always like seeing WHAT everyone is doing/making - but I REALLY like seeing HOW they do it!! ;))

  5. Yep, you chose the right one, and having a few less seams to match is almost always a good thing! I love the fabrics too.

  6. I also like the last one. And now I know what to call the blocks in the quilt I'm basting and quilting on today. I saw the pattern on Pinterest and made it up right after Christmas. Had never heard the tern "keyhole", but yup, that's what it is! I set mine together with sashing so it's a totally different look.

  7. I've seen the pattern called "tissue boxes," because that's what they look like! I like your alternate arrangement, and the colorway as well.

  8. I like them all. It was fun to see the different layouts...thanks!

  9. I did something similar using Judy's pattern as a jumping off place. Mine is BRIGHT and also beautiful. You can see it at I love how different fabrics can change a pattern and each one is beautiful in a different way.


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