Saturday, February 18, 2012

The other day I was blog hopping and came across this blog. 

Well now!  I love New York Beauties and about three years ago I started making a few.
I don't know why I stopped.  But I did.

So when I was making out my UFO list this year (and these are definitely on that list)  .... I said to myself.... "Self, I really should get those out and try to make a few more this year".

Yes those were my exact words!

And then along came this challenge.   New York Beauty Paper-Piecing Quilt-Along   

I bet you can guess what comes next huh?

You're right!  I'm going to accept this challenge and pull out my fabrics and start printing off my foundations while I wait for the challenge to start.  

And along with these patterns that they are using for the challenge I'm also going to use  this collection of blocks by Donna Duquette   (hi Dee) ;o)

Any takers??  Who wants to join us?  

Thanks for stopping by....Linda

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  1. Love it!! I think I have a New York Beauty pattern and half-done blocks around here somewhere...where, oh, where could they be?? After I get the border on Orca Bay I may have to go find it - can always use another project - doncha know...;))


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