Monday, February 6, 2012

I don't even remember when Bonnie's Orca Bay mystery started....but it seems like I've been at this for months and months!!
Well actually I guess I have.  LOL

Now LOOK!!!   CherryLime Mash is FINISHED!!!

At least for now.  I can hand it off to my longarm gals and they can do their thing.
Then when I get the binding attached I'll have a treasure for sure.

I've loved this mystery.  Not only for the beautiful quilt that Bonnie so generously provided but more precious to me is the friendships that have developed as we all worked diligently trying to get it 'right'.  LOL  (Some of us worked a little harder than others) and some of us did our own thing with colors and layout etc.  But when we all get ours done we can all be soooo proud to have a really gorgeous, intricate quilt that  ..... I don't ever plan to make again!!  hahaha

Now head on over to Bonnie's Quiltville link-up to see all the different quilts.

Thanks for stopping by....Linda


  1. Just curious. Are you going to bind this beautiful with the green? When I saw it with the brown border that was what I first thought of.

  2. Very beautiful in this colours choice, I love !

  3. Love the different colors on this quilt Linda. Isn't it interesting how the different color settings really make the difference?

  4. Your quilt top is gorgeous, Linda. I really also love the fabrics you are cutting now.

  5. Love the border layout, I'm not unpicking mine to copy it though!!

  6. Love, love your beautiful colors. It will definitely be a quilt to take pride in.

  7. Love your colors! Congrats on the finish.

  8. Chocolate is a very appropriate your quilt. Congratulations on a another great quilt.

  9. Nice border... and nice colors! Looks good enough to eat!

  10. Linda, you have made a beautiful quilt! Very unique colors and they look beautiful--and your twist on the border arrangement looks very nice. Good job!


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