Monday, May 10, 2010

What's on my design wall today? 
...... Nothing! 
I do plan to cut strips today to start making a stripy Christmas.  I'm considering it for another of my entries for our guild auction.  We'll see after I get it finished.

I do have another finish to show you tho.  All quilted and bound.  I still have to get it in the wash today to make it soft and cuddly.  
And to wash out the glue. 
I did the binding completely on my machine this time and used Sharon Schamber's method of stitching the binding on the front as usual....then pressing the binding around to the back and gluing it down (must use Elmers Washable glue) and stitching in the ditch from the front.  Works like a charm.  I would never use this method for a really nice quilt that I was to gift to someone....but for a utility snuggle or a kids drag-along this it the best way IMO.

I used a panto called Mini Ocean by Willow Leaf.  So quick and easy.  One of my favorites.   

 And just for fun I'd like to share my orange Poppies growing in my front bed.  They just don't last long enough though....but boy oh boy they are beautiful while they do. 


  1. Linda, I don't know which I like best..the quilt or the poppies. How I wish I could get a good stand of the poppies growing. There are some about five blocks from here that I enjoy every year. The quilt looks great!

  2. Beautiful quilt Linda, I really love this one :0)

    A blank design wall.....I didn't know those exisited LOL


  3. love the quilt and the poppies-perennials are always too quick to bloom and fade.

  4. The quilt is gorgeous. I need to make a quilt for Tylee's birthday this year, and a traditional pieced quilt would not be the best for her, so I had been planning on incorporating circles, and that just might be the way I should do it.


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