Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oops!  I really should clarify my post from yesterday.  The pic showing my blocks is deceiving.  The blocks are really NOT all different sizes like the collage shows.  They are all pretty close to being 12.5".  Some are a bit smaller but that won't be a problem when I start setting them together. Those are my patterns and my fabrics that the gals made for me.  I wanted a snuggle R/W/B quilt and stars just fit the perfect patriotic theme. 
Sorry the picture was confusing.  I guess I was being a little to "artsy" as my granddaughter would say.  heehee 

This is a collage of all the different blocks I worked on for the other gals.   The one block that I thought so interesting was Danielle's folded Log Cabin.  (bottom right)  I've not seen that pattern before and it was really fun to set together.  She also had beautiful fabrics in purples, pinks, greens and yellows.  I can't wait to see it completed....or quilted!   I bet she ties it....with all those folds.
Actually I hope ALL the girls get theirs tops together at least this year so we can share them. 
I guess maybe I should move mine up to the top of the list too.  Hummmm 

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  1. Thank you for clearing that up LOL. I would tie that log cabin quilt too, if you sewed over the folds it would defeat the purpose of doing folds in the first place :0)



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