Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Design Wall Monday (according to Judy at Patchwork Times) rolls around.   I missed last week so I wanted to be sure to get this posted today to show what I've been working on. 
I'm calling this my Christmas Diamonds.  
I picked up the design from Diane Wilson at MQR (sorry I can't find her post to link to).  She basically started with a foundation cut 7"x10" and then trimmed down to 6.5"x9.5".  
I pulled some really really really old and ugly fabric to use for the foundations.  It felt really good cutting it all up.  I now have quite a pile to use for something else.  Great stash reduction! 

My original idea was to radiate the darker fabrics to lighter in the centers of each of the diamonds.  But I don't think I like the lighter pieces in there.  My design in EQ made it look like it would glow in the centers. 
They don't do that at all!!     I'm going to replace them with darker pieces of each color.  The light fabrics are just too distracting to me.

These are all the strings that I'm working with.  Even though they aren't Christmas fabric ...the red/green combination just has to be Christmas as far as I'm concerned.    

I have come to the realization that even tho I do like the looks of a completely scrappy quilt..... I don't know that I'll ever be able to make one.   Completely scrappy!
I just have that undeniable urge to control everything.   I want each piece to work nicely with the next piece or else I get very nervous and a little bit shaky.   LOL  I just can't help myself. 
I'm very much that way in real life too.  Just ask my daughter!  hahaha


  1. I had to laugh - I too have the need to control and can't find it in myself to to random scrappy! I find this strip concept very interesting. Can't wait to see what else you do with it.

  2. I LOVE this quilt! Thanks for giving me credit but I got this idea form several other people myself. Isn't that the way we do it? I call that "controlled scrappy" btw, cause I can't do scrappy either and just like you I plan it out. I've been working on my Christmas string blocks too. I can't wait to see this one finished. I may have to make another one now...just like YOURS!

  3. I must be an "out of control" person, cause I love scrappy..the more the better! LOL. Actually I like feeling I have things under control in most areas of my life. Maybe that is why I find making totally scrappy quilts so freeing. I'm happiest when I start a project not even knowing if I'm going to have enough to finish, or if I'll have to make substitutions as I go along. I call those "design opportunities". Isn't it fun how different we all are?

  4. I have always been more of a controlled color person, but lately, I'm really into scrappy. I am trying really hard to let things be the way they want to be. It's not always easy. I have found that my quilts are too boring otherwise. I am hoping this will jazz them up a bit and give them more interest. I like what you're working on! It will be very pretty when it's done.

  5. That is going to be an awesome quilt, Linda. So you're a "control" person, huh? I'm kind of like Mary, I guess, and "out of control." I absolutely love scrappy also. I have approximately a million (maybe a thousand or two more or less) scraps that need to be used.

  6. I feel your controlling pain (I share the need) I think your christmas strings are terrific-even if it's not glowing it has great balance and movement-way to go!


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