Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our guild's Pizza Box's are now finished and we should all have our quilt blocks back by now. This has been a year long process with just a few bumps along the way. LOL  
All in all....I must say it was very interesting to see each persons fabrics and patterns and I was amazed by the vast assortment. Each month I looked forward to working on something completely new.  It was very enjoyable and the best part was I will have a quilt made by some of my favorite people....The ladies in my guild.  
I now have to find one more star pattern so I can make the final block. Then I'll input it in EQ and see how I want to set them together.
However....this will be put on hold for just a bit while I focus on several other projects I have in the works. 


  1. Great blocks Linda!! I LOVE star blocks :0) Gee I wonder what other projects you are working on?


  2. I agree..they are terrific blocks. Tea Mahone has a great pattern for setting together blocks of various sizes. Check out her website. I think it lets you adjust to whatever size blocks you have. Just Google her name.

  3. Love the blocks - stars are one of my favorites. I want to do a star quilt someday. Lots of somedays needed for all the things on my want to list!

  4. Ooh, those stars are lovely! I am with Jacquie. I love stars.


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