Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just a quick post today to show off the #7 Block from Shannon's Blog.  I just love the stars she has chosen and they are so easy to set together.
This one is called "4 Corners Star".
I'll be adding it to my blog header later...but for right now I'm heading back to my room to take off all those light fabrics on the Christmas Diamonds blocks.  That should keep me occupied for awhile.

Everything in my yard seems to be a couple of weeks later than normal this year.  Two days ago my Scarlet poppies started blooming!  But the wind has been blowing something fierce the last several days and they are really beat up.  So I'll pull a pic from last year.
Something to brighten your day.... 
Have a great one.   


  1. Your poppy is beautiful. I just love poppies! They are stunning, especially when a bunch of them are in a field together!

  2. The poppy is lovely! I also like your latest star block.

  3. You know how much I love poppies. Just gorgeous and so is your block.

  4. Oooo pretty block and poppy. If I had any flowers they would have been flattened from the wind and rain the last two days. What a crumby start to spring....


  5. Linda, I swear...this quilt is going to be my favorite yet...LOVE it!

    I love that poppy too. Gorgeous.


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