Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here it is...another month almost here and I'm still working on Don's quilt trying to finish the quilting.  Criminy!!  That thing is just taking me forever and ever and ever to do! 
And it's looking like it will still be several more days before it's done.  Oh well.... I'm still plugging away and I guess that's OK.  At least it is with Don.  So if he doesn't care... who am I to worry and fret?  

So now Feb is rolling around and it's time for another UFO number.  Nancy has chosen #7.  That's good.  My list says #7 = Snow Business.  It's a mystery quilt (lap size) that I made about two years ago and should be easy enough to get quilted and finished.  I won't be doing anything fancy or difficult.  In fact a panto will probably be my choice. 

Since Sunday night TV is not my favorite programing....I think I'll spend the rest of the day (and night) and get back to my book.  

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  1. So how's the quilting going, Linda? It is true that some quilts just seem to go on forever.


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