Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 UFO Challenge

I've been lazing around this morning trying to get warm snuggling under a quilt while I'm checking blogs and waiting for my veggis to grow in Farm Ville.  Yeah I'm addicted.  Debbie warned me.  hahaha   
Ran across this new-to-me blog Patchwork Penguin and decided to join in her UFO Challenge this year.
I think I should be able to handle at least one a month.  
So I'll be getting my list together and added to my sidebar.



  1. Hi Linda,

    Glad you could join us in the UFO challenge. I'm adding your blog to my Google Reader list.

    Good luck!!


  2. LOL I wish I could get a UFO done in a month. Ummm, what's this 2020 list in your really plan ahead ROFL.


  3. Hello, Linda...I'm another Linda also doing Nancy's UFO challenge. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the finished quilts. I'm adding you to my list. Your grandkids are so cute. I have 3 grands and I know what those hugs mean...the picture of grandpa and the grands at the window is priceless...Welcome and come see me...hugs from Texas, Linda


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