Thursday, January 14, 2010

The other day I was reading through my Google Reader and stopped in on Shannon's (pieceful kwilter) blog.  She's putting up a BOM every 2nd Monday. 
I'm getting a slow start (this is month 3) but I like the pattern and the blocks she's making so I decided to follow her through this.  Her pattern plan will have a center applique' with assorted star blocks around it and will measure 80" square. 
I'm using black as my background and assorted Fairy Frost fabrics.  This was fun to put together today using her pressing tip to reduce bulk.  Check her sidebar - Block #1 and click on the picture of the back of the block for her tip about how she clips and presses.  I will definitely remember this.

It feels so good to not be aching from the cold. 
The sun is shining and temp is up to 45 degrees. 
And we had goldfinches at the feeder this morning. 
What is that about!  It seens much to early for them to be here in northern Kansas. 
But maybe that means that our cold cold is done and we can move on to spring.  Maybe! 


  1. That's the advantage of being a hand piecer, we are able to press in which ever direction we need to, to reduce that bulk :0) This will be a lovely BOM.

    No gold finch here yet but we will be up to 40 today whoo hoo!!


  2. Beautiful! I love the bright colors with the black background.


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