Saturday, January 23, 2010

I haven't been doing much of anything this last week.  Well...I have been "farming". 
I've done a bit of marking on Don's quilt...not much quilting on it yet though.  Thank goodness he's a very patient man.  LOL

And.... I did get a couple of these Elm Creek Quilt blocks completed.
Today I finished reading the first book of the series (The Quilters Apprentice).  And I now have listed the 12 blocks that Sylvia showed Sarah how to make.  It is Sarah's first Sampler.  I have these three done....9 more to go then I'll move on to the next book.   


  1. You haven't been complete idle LOL. Love the purple fabric in the second block.


  2. Like those blocks, Linda. I'll look forward to more.


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