Friday, February 5, 2010

This afternoon I made the last guild pizza box block.  It has been very interesting to see each persons choice of fabric...patterns etc.  This gal has chosen the Kansas Troubles fabrics and a book of assorted patterns that we could choose from.  The one I did was Creole Puzzle and it had inset seams.  I was a bit apprehensive....but decided to jump in anyway since I have seen the technique made.  Actually I did very well with it and I'd do them again.  Although I don't think I'd like to do a whole big quilt with insets.  LOL

Yesterday we had some snow.  Not a lot in inches but it was soooo wet!  In all the years that we've had Dish satellite we have never had snow disrupt our viewing. 
Well it did yesterday. 
Three times Don had to get out the ladder and brush off the dish so we could get our tv back. 
It was a pretty snow with just a little bit of a breeze to blow it around a bit. 
Looking out the kitchen window we saw a poor, wet, and cold visitor sitting on the fence. 
Then he flew down to the pond and back up to the fence and turned his back on me.!!  How rude! 
I was trying so hard to take a nice picture without scaring him (or could be a Her) but the position wasn't the best. 
Anyway....this is the best I could do.  I'm not sure but it could be a Sharp-shinned Hawk because of the size.  Cooper's Hawk looks the same but is a bit bigger.  So there is your birding education for today. 
Have a good one. 


  1. The block is very pretty, Linda. I've done blocks with set-in seams too, but I am not fond of them, and a whole quilt with them is absolutely out for me.

  2. I liked the block - good job. I hav never done insets and probably won't for some time if ever. Too many other items on my to do (learn) list!


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