Monday, August 13, 2012

The modified Bento Box that I was working on (here) is now a finished top!!  It certainly took me long enough .... but I finally put on the last border yesterday.

Six borders.
Here's a closer look at them.
All blue borders are 1" finished and the scrappy border measures 3".
The first red floral is 5" and the outside is 7".

Now I'm taking my coffee and heading over to Judy's Design Wall Monday.
See you there.......
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  1. Hi, Linda! I found your scrappy border on the string thing along, and wanted to drop by and say how clever you are! I love the use of all the pretty scraps, your decision to add these in a border is cool~

  2. Lots of work but definitely worth the effort. I'm finding that as much fun as it would be to rush through and do simple borders if you take the time like you did and really make them sing the quilt just gets kicked up a notch. Nice!

  3. What a beautiful quilt and such a fun pattern!

  4. I love that scrappy border. It goes perfectly with that quilt. I will have to try to remember that!

  5. Well it took you long enough - haha - JUST KIDDING!! I LOVE IT!! The time and effort you put into those borders was certainly worth it - they are the PERFECT finish for the quilt. Sometimes I get lazy and slap a couple of borders on just to be DONE - but you showed me what I could do if I slowed down and paid as much attention to the borders as I do to the center of the quilt. Thanks - ;))

  6. Hey, that is great! And I love all the borders, especially the outer one (2). And that's a lot of borders!


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