Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Did you see that block in the corner?

The one that had the outside blue round right up against the blue border.
<<<This one.

Well it just drove me crazy!!
I have no idea why I got it twisted around like I did.   But there it was and I didn't like it one bit!
So I fixed it today.

This is much better don't you think?

NOW the top is finished and as soon as I clean up the strings and give it a good press I can get it to my quilter.

Last night was our quilt guild meeting and I was able to share my CherryLime Mash  quilt that won at the Fair.   We talked a bit about some of the things the judge looked for.  She commented a bit about the piecing and the importance of matching seams and points.  Some quilts had beautiful fabrics and a lovely pattern and had been quilted nicely... but the quilter hadn't paid attention to matching some of the seams.  
     I'd have to say that the one thing that kept coming up over and over again was the binding and how it should be full and well sewn.  She stressed that not only did it look and feel better but a full binding doesn't wear as badly as one that is too empty.  She also commented about sewing the binding by hand or by machine.  In her opinion she said as long as either are done well it makes no difference to her.  She prefers hand sewn but wouldn't mark down a machine bound quilt.  She also laughed and said not every judge would feel that way.   I'm so glad I was able to help that day and I feel confident now about my quilting abilities.  I do need to consciously work on matching edges, points and seams a bit better sometimes but I do feel like I'm on the right track and have learned some lessons well.   I'm looking forward to next year and starting to think about my next fair entrie(s).  Hummmm....

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  1. I like your "fixed" corner - and THANKS for letting us know what the judge was looking for - always nice to know!! "Matching seams and points" - WOW - what a concept!! - haha - ;))


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