Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I haven't been feeling well lately and when I go through those bad days I tend to just close myself away and stop everything.
But now (as always) I'm feeling better and the fog is lifting and I'm getting back to my (normal ?) life.  Slowly.

I have done a bit more sewing on my Bento Box borders but I haven't taken a pic yet to show.  I've had a bit of an episode with my camera and the memory card vs computer.  It took me awhile but I finally won and can take pics again.

I've been pretty much glued to the tv watching the Olympics.  I so admire the athletes and their dedication to their sport.   I shake my head in amazement when I think of the life they live while they dedicate their every day training to be the best.
IHOP Pancake Recipe
I-HOP pancake recipe
And when I'm in a slump and can't seem to do anything else ....
I Pin.  I love Pinterest!   I have to admit I haven't really made many of the recipes I've pinned.  But I sure like to have them pinned just in case.   lol

 One of the Breakfast recipes I've pinned is for an I-Hop pancake recipe.   I decided to actually make them to see if they really do taste like I-Hop pancakes.
AND..... OMgosh they are sooooo good.   And then add  the best syrup ever made .... (Griffin's)   It's heaven on a plate.

Now with that sugar rush ... I think I'll go back and sew up a couple of pillow cases for my granddaughter.  
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  1. Sorry you haven't been feeling well but glad to hear you are on the mend. I've been wanting to try the I-hop pancakes too. I'm not much of a breakfast eater so maybe I'll try them for supper some night.

  2. Hope you're feeling better - ;)) When I messed up yesterday - I remembered your post - and had pancakes for dinner!! Made me feel a WHOLE lot better - THANKS!! ;))


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