Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is the way I left my Terra Tumbler for several weeks.  Sorry about the bad lighting.
At this size I knew I wanted to enlarge it a bit more so I started looking for a border fabric.  The background fabric I have just didn't look right.  It was too light and didn't contain the scrappy blocks like I wanted.

 Nothing I had in my stash worked either.  The blues I have were too pure and the rusts were already taken for the 2nd quilt I'm in the process of making now.
So I decided a nice dark chocolate would be just right.  Off to the LQS (which isn't local at all).  And I found the just right color.  

Two more borders added and this is a finished top and now I'm happy.  
It's about 85"x92" and should fit a full bed nicely.  
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  1. I LIKE IT!! The dark chocolate is PERFECT for Aqua Terra fabrics - gotta get me some! And I tend to go for darker borders, too. I agree that there is just something about them that seems to "contain" the center better on some quilts. ;))

  2. What a perfect way to finish this quilt off. The checker board compliments the tumblers. And the chocolate pulls everything together. Great job!!!!

  3. Your quilt turned out so pretty, Linda. I love the borders.


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